Course Reflection

Throughout the course of integrating technology in the classroom, I have obtained a variety of technology resources that will help me make my teaching more creative and student learning more interactive, intriguing and fun. I loved how our professor introduced alternatives for expensive software with already existing programs that can be found online that are not only free but also user friendly and are just as good.

After this course, I will be determined to change the learning environment in my classroom. Every unique learner will be accommodated by giving them the choice of producing their learning outcome by the means that allow them to express it better. For example, verbal students can create podcasts, while visual students can create digital stories or PowerPoint presentations. Students should be given the opportunity to be creative with their assignment as it is one of the skills needed to be addressed in the 21st century learner.

Also, I will think twice before creating a PowerPoint presentation after this course. In fact, I’ve become a critic among the audience instead of a listener after learning that including so much text in slides will make the presenter lose his/her audience very quick. I actually wrote about that when a presenter asked us to write her an evaluation of her presentation, hoping she would take including more visual and less text into consideration.

Overall, this course made a deep impact on me as an educator than any other course. It taught me to think of how 21st century learners have skills that are needed to be addressed in the classroom, and that there’s definitely a need for change and adjustment in my classroom to address these skills.

Thanks for the eye opener, professor Knight!


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