The Use of Cell Phones in classrooms


This article really changed my views on using cell phones in class! I agree with all 5 points the author mentions about the benefits of students using cell  phones in class, especially the one about preparing students for their future careers. Many employees and managers nowadays use their cell phones to check emails or refer to information, which helps them navigate their work and meetings better and faster. So having students use their cell phones in class can and will prepare them for that. However, allowing students to use cell phones in class must be accompanied by rules. Teachers should not expect their students to use them for educational purposes and creativity without proper guidance of why and what to use them for. Many classrooms can have a large number of students in them, and that could prevent the teacher from monitoring each and every student’s use of their cell phone. So I think explaining why and what to use them for is necessary for both the teacher and the student to control their devices’ use for educational purposes and creativity.


One thought on “The Use of Cell Phones in classrooms

  1. Danya, I agree with your point about the positives of using cell phones in class, but with rules, wholeheartedly. Howard Gardner alludes to this during his digital media ethics Edutopia interview; he stresses the importance of the teacher’s role to model ethical behavior when it comes to digital media. Solely monitoring cell phone use will not get teachers very far, and may even put them behind in their lesson delivery. If cell phones are allowed in the classroom for research and learning purposes, teachers have the responsibility to guide the students on why they are using them and the reasoning for using them (you put it really nicely in your post!).

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