Podcast on tips for an Effective Explanation

When I’m in a building, and someone asks me where a certain place is located in that building, I feel that it’s best that I guide them to it instead of giving them directions that may not be clear or even too complicated to grasp. And that’s one example of when I know something but for some reason cannot explain it. That’s why I was immediately hooked to the The EdAdmin Minute 231: 7 Tips For Effective Explanations podcast I found on EdReach. The podcast may be short in duration but it includes Lee Lefever’s monumental tips on giving effective explanations to an audience. One tip that I found extremely helpful as well as important is to include visuals and less text in your presentation slides. I think that explanations are not only to inform but also make audience engage, and one of the best attention grabbers are visual aids. They help the speaker demonstrate information rather than telling it, which will surely help the audience to speed their comprehension and retain information for a long time.

I think I would consider podcasts as a means for professional learning. What I liked about the podcast I listened to was the fact that included resources for the listener to refer to regarding effective explanations, such as Lefever’s blog, among the speaker’s share on the topic. Even though the podcast did not include any type of visual aid, and I am a visual learner, I actually enjoyed it, and felt the urge to share it through this post as I know many educators would like to know more on how to give effective explanations. But I would lean towards podcasts that are enhanced with any type of visual aid in the future.


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