To Flip Or Not Flip? Article Reflection

The author of this article seems pretty enthusiastic about flipped classrooms. But who can blame him? He struggled with the problem that his AP Calculus lectures were always “on speed” for 45 minutes missing the opportunity to engage his students in discussions necessary for “developing” their thinking and logic. He solved this problem through flipping his classroom by “sending the teacher-driven activity home and giving the students a voice in the classroom”. The result of this was the high scores his students received on both in-class assessment and AP exam! And of course a more engaging and happier classroom environment.

Flipped classrooms can bring life to the classroom as students take learning into their own hands and only refer to the teacher, who no longer serves as a “sage on the stage” but more of a facilitator, when they struggle in learning a concept. This in particular is why I’m becoming an advocate of a flipped classroom. Back in the days in middle and high school, I used to rely on my older siblings to explain to me hard concepts that I needed to learn in order to complete my homework. But my siblings had lives; they weren’t always there when I needed them. This made me end up going to school without completing my homework and got in trouble for it. It’s true kids nowadays have access to connect with a much bigger group to refer to when they need help (e.g. using the internet to connect with teachers, friends, experts, etc) But it sure would be more effective to refer to their teacher in the right moment and in the right setting where their questions could lead to other questions that could lead to discussions and so forth, and that’s one of the advantages of a flipped classroom that I’m highly fond of.


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