The Teacher’s Guide To Flipped Classrooms


This is a great  guide in Edudemic for teachers to learn more about flipped classrooms. The guide is easy to read, supported with visuals, and well organized. It helped me learn more about how it works, and why students have better learning outcomes than in a traditional setting. I also found the list of resources and web tools most suitable to use in a flipped classroom extremely helpful.


One thought on “The Teacher’s Guide To Flipped Classrooms

  1. Danya, I really found this post really helpful. I didn’t understand what flipping a classroom was until I saw your post and visited the Edudemic website. I read the article about how one school in Detroit flipped the whole school and their dropout rate fell by 50%. That is pretty impressive!! Once I read that article, it did make me question if students are receiving needed individualized attention in the classroom? The whole concept of flipping classrooms by providing instruction that can be accessed online and then using the classroom time for individualized assistance (like a lab) is fascinating! The article also made me ask if students aren’t bored with the traditional school model of lecture, practice, then homework assigned. Thanks for posting!

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