Never thought this day would come….but it did!


I’ve always had this thought about Twitter, that if  I ever use it, I will be completely addicted to it (judging from the people around me) And I didn’t think it would add value to my time in any way. That’s why I never bothered to learn about it, or at least familiarize myself with twitter-related terms like hashtag or retweet (which I thought was another word for reply). But I’m so glad I got the chance to create a social learning network using Twitter, because I never knew that it offers much more than letting people know what Justin Bieber had for lunch, or what Lindsay Lohan was recently arrested for. Plus, I thought it was high time I learned about it, especially if I’m going to use it for the sake of growing professionally.  

Since I knew nothing about twitter (I know! What world am I living in!?) And the fact that I’m a spatial learner, I watched a video that explained how twitter works. It appeared to me that there isn’t anything complicated about it, and I can use it with ease, which is an important factor for me if I’m introduced to something new and planning to use it for a long time.

The idea of the hashtag really got me fascinated and I believe it is what will contribute to my professional development. If I’m interested in a topic, I could simply hashtag it, and I might find a community interested in the same topic and offering valuable insights. Not only that, but the community itself is very diverse, which means everyone can benefit from each other’s experiences, views, thoughts, and questions too. And if a hashtag does not exist, I could simply do a research by typing a keyword, then scanning what hashtags people are using in their tweets for me to refer to. I also found a helpful list of education-related hashtags that is neat and categorized into different categories from subject area to grade level. Visiting the hashtags that I’m interested in will lead me to the latest buzz in that topic and this will help me in keeping myself in sync with what is going on.

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